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  • Sticky
     Cloud Reseach

    {A} Record is a service to address a specific issue called Zone Apex on the Cloud & Traditional Computing platforms. For an example, when you host your website in AWS S3, CloudFront or Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), all you have is a URL generated, to use it as a CNAME. A CNAME can be mapped to a sub domain to serve your websiste content, but not to your primary domain (Zone Apex). You will always need a static IP address to solve this issue and that's exactly what does.
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  • Egg
     Cloud Research


    Hybridfox is a Firefox add-on that attempts to get the best of popular public and private Cloud Computing environments. Currently it supports AWS, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, OpenNebula and HP Cloud environments.
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  • CloudBuddy Personal
     Cloud Research

    CloudBuddy Personal

    CloudBuddy Personal is a primary tool for Amazon S3 users which can be extended for other Cloud providers to store their data on Cloud. It also creates an easy-to-use exploration interface for your virtual desktop on the Cloud, and gives you easy access to end-to-end data management. With readily available MS-Office plug-ins, it gives you the advantage of managing documents directly from Cloud. The tool brings with it a set of API's (both UI and headless mode) to enable integration of Cloud with custom application effortlessly.

  • CloudBuddy Enterprise
     Cloud Research

    CloudBuddy Enterprise

    CloudBuddy Enterprise is a tool that helps enterprise users manage, store, and share their files/documents in a secured manner. It comes with multi-mode access such as Windows and Web. It can also be integrated with enterprise directory services such as LDAP, Active Directory, and Novell Directory Services.

  • CloudBuddy Analytics
     Cloud Research

    CloudBuddy Analytics

    CloudBuddy Analytics is an Open Source web-based tool to generate exhaustive statistical reports about your S3 buckets. With an intuitive interface for a rich user experience, this tool takes care of enabling logs, fetching logs, and generating reports. It is configurable for multiple S3 accounts, and can be made available on your network as a multi-user tool.

  • Cloud Vault
     Cloud Research

    Cloud Vault

    Cloud Vault ensures the Lotus Domino email archive's smooth transition into Cloud environment. It offers index, search, and retrieval solutions as services focused on end users.

  • Cloud Smart
     Cloud Research

    Cloud Smart

    Cloud Smart is an extension to the Open Source ANT tool. ANT is a build tool hosted in APACHE projects. It has a collection of ANT tasks like Base Task, S3 Download, HTTP Download, Metadata Download, etc that can be used in the EC2 environment.


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